Bindi Irwin’s Tribute To Her Late Father Steve Irwin Had Me Sobbing

On last night’s Dancing With The Stars there theme was “Most MEmorable Year”. Bindi Irwin chose 2006, this was the year after the passing of her late father, Steve Irwin. 9 years after his passing she is ready to tell that story.

“Bindi was so strong at the time, but when you love someone that much it’s like totally losing a piece of your heart. You’re really not going to get over it.” says her mom Terri.

During rehersals, a dance reminded her of something she used to do with her father and she broke down.

“I wish that he could fully understand what he’s done for me, and that I miss him,” she says.

Well Bindi, I’m sure your father is so proud of the woman you’ve become. He’s watching you and will always be with you, in your heart.

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