Rescue Pit Bulls Become ‘Surrogate Mothers’ To 3 Blind Kittens

Faithful Friends Animal Society in Wilmington, Delaware recently rescued three blind cats. All three of them had to have there eyes removed and were having difficulty adjusting. The kittens are named Bruce.Thankfully shelter volunteers intervened. Sherry and her 14 year old daughter brought the three kittens named Bruce, Willis and Helen home.

The most incredible thing happened. Sherry has two large rescue pit bulls named Alfie and Frankie. These dogs are absolutely amazing with huge hearts. Alfie and Frankie instantly bonded with the kittens. Sherry could tell that they sensed the cats were in a desperate situation and needed love and care. They’ve taken on the role of surrogate mothers. They kiss, cuddle and love on the kittens as if they were puppies. The kittens even take naps on the pit bull’s backs! So sweet 🙂

Thank you Sherry for rescuing these kittens and these amazing Pit Bulls! Alfie and Frankie are serving as a reminder for us all to never judge a book by it’s cover!

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