Miniature Horse Born In Australia Could Be The World Record Breaker

Angel was born only 13.78 inches tall, which is smaller than most peoples dogs. She has had a rough start, she didn’t want to suckle when she was born and had to spend a few nights in the vet office. After getting bottle fed every few hours for a few days she started to nurse and was ready to head home.

She is strong and very well proportionate which is good, because when miniatures are born this small they can end up having a few problems. At the moment she is the smallest horse born in the area, smallest the vets or the breeder have seen.

They wont know if she will hold the world record till she is full grown, the horse that holds the record for being the smallest is only 17 inches tall. These guys are so cute running around on their little legs, take a look and watch Angel run around and play under her mamma!

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