Snowboarders Found A Horse Freezing To Death On A Mountain….What They Did Next Is Amazing!

Rafael Pease decided for his 21st birthday that he was going to go shred some fresh powder that had fallen from the winters first storm. Little did he know this would turn into a rescue mission of an unusual kind. With his go pro and selfie stick in hand, Rafael was ready to start his decent down the mountain.

After riding for a little bit, not long, he noticed a rock in the distance. Realizing it was a beautiful dun horse, he decided to take his board off and walk over and check the horse out. She was waist deep in snow, weak, hungry, and cold. She had to have been through hell and back since she had been up on the mountain for 4 days trying to survive a snow storm.

He searched his pack and found some rope that he used as a make shift lead. Then pulled out his shovel he had in case of emergencies and began to dig the mare out. She was very calm while Rafael and his friend worked, they even gave her a snack that they had, which she ate willingly. After digging her out, and making a path to the snow that was a little more packed together, the three headed down the mountain.

She was a little stiff moving, but slowly followed her rescuers down the mountain while they slowly boarded in front of her. Once they reached the bottom, you can see in the last part of the video where she is even following them in their car to a safe place. It’s amazing how some people are just in the right place at the right time. Thank you Rafael for spending your 21st birthday saving this sweet mare.

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