Amazing Dog Saves Soldiers Life – He Repays Her In The Best Way EVER!

Layka served in Afganistan along side of her handler Sgt. Julian McDonald and she put her life on the line to save her brothers in hand. She got shot four times at poitnt-blank range and she still subdued the shooter saving her handler and fellow soldiers.

It took seven hours of surgery and the amputation of her leg in order to save her life but she is alive and doing well. Sgt. Julian McDonald fought hard to adopt her. People thought she was too aggressive and that she would not make a good family dog. Layka proved otherwise, her first time meeting Julians son Liam, she just laid down in front of him and let him crawl and love all over her. She enjoyed every minute of it.

Layka still gets to work, she helps with training the new dogs. She also still gets to practice finding bombs and taking down bad guys. These dogs deserve a retirement just as our soldiers do. They are soldiers too, and are willing to do anything asked of them. Share this on Facebook if you agree!

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