Baby Horse Abandoned In The Wild Finds A Whole New Family

rosco 1Rosco didn’t have the beautiful start that most foals get, the loving and encouragement from their mothers. Instead, he started out his life with hatred and abandonment. Rosco was a foal born to the Salt River Wild Horses. The herd’s stallion was recently battled by a younger stallion and lost. The new stallion would not let Rosco’s mother get near him and stood between Rosco and the mare. After a standoff the Stallion made the herd leave the baby behind.

rosco after vet care
Salt River Wild Horse Management Group

Even though Roscos life started out horribly wrong, with the help of the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group he would get a new beginning and a new life. They saw what had happened, but did not go save him right away. They wanted to see if his mother and the herd would come back for him. Sadly, that never happened. With permission from the US Forest Service they stepped in and brought little Rosco back to their farm. Their first stop would be the vet. Rosco needed and iv of fluids, plasma and colostrum, but thankfully his injuries were minor.

They started teaching him to drink milk from a bucket instead of a bottle right away. This made it easier on the volunteers and him. In the mean time SRWHMG was looking for a nurse mare. They found a mare who had recently lost her foal. Getting them to bond would not be easy, Rosco didn’t see the mare as a food source and the nurse mare rejected him at first. With the help of volunteers and time they eventually formed a beautiful bond.

This cute little foal would of have never made if not for the volunteers that spent so much time making his life a better one. Thank you to all the volunteers and members of Roscos team for volunteering your time.

Family isn’t always who you might expect it to be.  Share this on Facebook if you think Rosco and his new family are a beautiful thing 🙂

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