Eric Church’s Heartfelt Words And Song For The Las Vegas Victims

Eric Church played that same stage that Jason Aldean was on just 48 hours before the horrible massacre in Las Vegas.  He looked out at that crowd in that place.  He watched them hold American Flags up, they put a scarf around his neck, they held records up when he played “Record Year”, they held boots up when he played “These Boots”.  He looked at and saw his crowd.  The same crowd and place where the unthinkable happened 48 hours later. 

Eric Church Performs “Why Not Me”

He was scheduled to play the Grand Ole Opry just a few days later and almost didn’t go.  The night before he changed his mind. Someone sent him a video of Heather Melton, the wife of Sonny Melton who was one of the victims of this tragedy. She was talking about how they went to the Harvest Festival to see Eric Church.  Eric Church was her husband’s guy and they went there to see his guy.  Then she said they had tickets for the Grand Ole Opry tomorrow night.  Eric Church then pointed to Section 3, Row F – that’s where Heather and Sonny should have been sitting.  Eric Church played the Grand Ol Opry for Heather Melton and her husband Sonny who passed away.

Heather Pelton Honors Her Husband With Eric Church Shirt

I can’t stop the tears. Please Share this on Facebook in honor of Sonny and all the other victims of this horrible tragedy!

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