Horse Stuck In Hole For 12 Hours Almost Gives Up – Then Her Owner Begs Her To Live

When Marek Słodkowski discovered that his horse Freedom accidentally fell into a maintenance pit in his barn. The wood boards broke under her legs and she was stuck in the hole for over 12 hours. The man tried packing the hole with hay, but his horse still couldn’t get out. He called the fire department and they rushed over with a full team, but still the horse was stuck.

His horse was exhausted and losing hope. “Don’t die. Don’t die,” he whispered in her ear, as he stroked her mane. When the veterinarian showed up, they gave it a last effort. They packed the hole with even more hay so the horse would have be able to hopefully climb out. The entire event was captured by a GoPro Camera.

The effort worked! Once free she walked off into her pasture where she’s now happily roaming every day. Share this on Facebook if you would do anything in your power to save an animal in need!

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