Scientific Proof That Thoughts Affect The Physical World

Dr. Masaro Emoto, a researcher, and Alternative Doctor. He recently performed an experiment that shows just how powerful words are. He placed rice into three glass beakers and covered it with water. Every day for a month he said, “thank you” to one beaker, “you’re an idiot” to the second, and the third one he completely ignored. After one month the rice that had been thanked began to ferment, giving off a strong pleasant aroma. The rice in the second beaker turned black and the rice that was ignored began to rot. Dr. Emoto thinks that this experiment provides a lesson, especially in regard to our children. We should take care of them, give them attention, and converse with them.

Watch the experiment below.

Source: The power of our thoughts and our words is so incredible. Dr. Emoto is right, we should take care of children, give them attention, and converse with them. We should also do the same for ourselves and all of the people in our lives. I hope we can all try and remember to speak to ourselves and others with kindness. Share this on Facebook if you do too!

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